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High Performance Thermal Upgrades

Even though our standard features qualify us for Energy Star on every single window, we know that there are those that demand even better performance. For those that want to save even more on heating and cooling bills Walsh Tundra Windows and Doors offers these optional performance upgrades.

The U-Factor is the thermal performance rating determined by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) through strict testing to provide fair and accurate comparison of windows. Compare Walsh Tundra Double Hung window options to the Energy Star Standard.

U-Factor Ratings

T-Solar Plus

* T-Solar Plus meets D.O.E R-5 Thermal Requirements
  • 1" overall glass thickness.
  • 2 pieces of LowE366 glass.
  • 1 piece of clear glass.
  • 2 Duralite™ spacers.
  • 2 argon filled dead air spaces.
  • Provides up to 34% better insulating
  • value on total window performance.
  • Same lifetime limited warranty on seal failure and breakage.
  • Significant noise reduction over standard glazing options.

T-Solar Plus*: 1" overall thick triple pane unit consisting of two Low-E 366 and one clear pane with Duralite spacer and argon fill.

T-Solar Plus

Foam Filled Sash and Frame

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulates even better than dead air space.
    Up to 8% more!
  • Unlike spray foam EPS does not off gas volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
  • Better indoor air quality.
  • Unlike spray foam EPS doesn’t shrink over time.
  • No air pockets in the foam.
Thermal Window

Walsh Color Options

We can match the color of your decor from our extensive color catalog, but we offer a standard color offering shown below. Backed by a 15 year limited warranty you will have peace of mind knowing that these water based coatings stand up to the elements.

* View Walsh Paint Warranty

Tundra Optional Features

Whether is is increased thermal performnce, improved aesthetics, or a better view of the outside world that you desire, we have a wide array of optional features to help you achieve the look you desire.

Frame Options

Grids Between The Glass

* Colors may differ slightly

Blinds Between The Glass

Blinds between glass eliminates the need for dusting and prevents damage during everday use. TIlting the blinds to optimal levels controls brightness, privacy and UV damage.

* Blinds available in most products except basement hoppers, single hung and single slider,
check for availability.

Window Installation Guides
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The Environment Wins w/ Vinyl Window Technology

Walsh Building Products builds quality vinyl window and door products for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Canada. Quality energy efficient green vinyl windows help create the atmosphere in your home while enabling less energy consumption.

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