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Thermal Performance

Walsh Building Products windows incorporate the latest technology to offer you a lifetime of standard year-round savings and weathertight thermal performance. Standard features are listed below - click to view the High Performance feature options.


  • 33% more argon than a 3/4" I.G.
  • 14% more argon than 7/8/" I.G.
  • Increased condensation resistance
  • Increased inside glass temperature
  • Save more on heating and cooling costs

The T-Solar glass packages for Tundra windows features a thick 1" unit for better performance. This dual pane unit consists of one Low-E 366 and one clear pane with Duralite spacer and argon fill.


Duralite Insulating Glass Spacer System

  • Lowest Conductivity warm edge spacer available
  • Superior argon gas retention
  • Year-round energy savings
  • 10X better insulation than EPDM foam
  • Improved condensation resistance
  • Easier to meet EnergyStarâ„¢ req.
  • Warmer edge of glass temperature
  • Proven adhesive technology
  • Composite Laminating Technology
  • Smooth surface appearance

The Duralite spacer system can save you money. The energy efficiency of a window can be measured by the amount of heat conducted through its materials. Duralite spacers conduct less energy than any other insulating glass spacer, saving you more money on your energy bills.

Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Cardinal Low E cubed 366 glass

  • One of the highest performing glasses available.
  • 23% better U-value for lower heating costs in winter*.
  • 38% less solar heat gain for less cooling costs in summer*.
  • Cuts transmission of damaging UV rays into the house by 95%.

During the cold weather, the insulating effect of your windows has a direct impact on how your rooms feel. The better insulated the window glass, the warmer your room will feel.

Cardinal Low E cubed 366 glass